Keeping in mind the developing and distinct needs of business leaders as their companies compete for leadership talent, we also partner with them to offer the following bespoke allied services.

Diversity Searches

Diversity is at the forefront of the leadership agenda, with the belief that a more inclusive workforce and leadership team will foster better governance and decision-making, and lead to sustained competitive advantage. At Accord, we have driven this agenda for well over a decade, with over 15% of our placements, and a significantly higher proportion of our shortlists, being diversity candidates. Our research teams are trained to develop a diverse slate of candidates for each search. We have developed significant databases, particularly of female candidates in leadership roles across industries in India. This apart, we have conducted and offer bespoke diversity mapping and search services for various multinational and Indian companies. Our Managing Partner is an active spokesperson for diversity in India and our own team reflects our commitment to this agenda. Our partner firm in North America, Diversified Search, is at the forefront of diversity recruiting in the USA.

Forensic Due Diligence

With the increase in experienced executives approaching corporates directly, as well as the increasing financial and reputational risks arising from senior executives, the importance of formal and informal reference checking is more important than ever before. Our standalone forensic service offering is designed to minimize the risk – and associated costs - of making the "bad hire". We discreetly and thoroughly assess identified candidates by speaking to their business associates, combining this with publicly accessible information to produce a report on the candidates experience, style and reputation to aid decision making. This service is often used as a complement to the formal reference checking, evaluation and verification efforts, with the objective of providing a holistic view on candidates.

Career Transition

As world economies continue to grapple with uncertainty, corporations are increasingly reviewing – and trimming - their business and talent portfolios. Companies are keen to ensure that senior displaced employees in particular perceive their separation experience to be professional and supportive. This service provides bespoke, confidential support to displaced employees by senior consultants to help identify and secure career opportunities. Distinct from outplacement, engagements are advisory in nature and may include assessment of market opportunities and compensation, a review of candidate’s skills and experiences, advice on how to hone their market- facing presence and pitch and how to exploit their networks.

Market Mapping Services

We understand that corporations sometimes prefer a deeper analysis of the talent landscape before they commence on leadership staffing projects. Often companies seek to benchmark their own leadership bench against the talent base available in a particular geography or industry. Other business leaders develop and engage with an external leadership pipeline on an ongoing basis. We assist managements in these endeavors through bespoke market and talent mapping and development projects.

Interim and Transition Leaders

While the marketplace for transition managers in India is still developing, at Accord we maintain a growing database of qualified interims, particularly in the areas of finance, technology, offshoring, banking and human resources.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can customize solutions in these areas.