The art of executive search is all about blending our experiences, our knowledge of industry, people and cultures with the scientific tools and disciplines that make up the rigorous search process.

One without the other is meaningless. Because we understand India and its business landscape, and we understand search, we are uniquely placed to translate your executive hiring needs into successful hires.

We work on a limited number of engagements, always on a retained basis, bringing a bespoke approach to each search.

As a boutique search firm, we begin our engagement by spending time to know the corporate and the people behind it. Apart from the operations and strategy, and the specific search needs, we place an emphasis on developing an understanding of the culture and values, which we believe is critical for successful placements and successful careers.

Keeping in mind the needs of the role and the deliverables, our engagement team establishes a search strategy that defines relevant skills required in the context of the talent available in the industry. Based on the qualifications, experience and competencies required in the candidate, we then develops the target industries, geographies and companies in which we will search. We also work through cost vs skills matrix, to arrive at the appropriate compensation level and mix.

Our research team, most with over a decade of research experience, utilizes our sources, networks and comprehensive databases, developed over 20 years of covering the Indian markets, candidates of Indian origin and candidates with the desire to work in India, to develop our initial candidate list.

For true success, our objective is not just to find the best person for the job, but also ensure that the job is in the best interests of the candidate. Our long and deep industry and search experience makes us credible advisors to senior candidates. We approach candidates with not just the role at hand, but offer a view into the softer factors that make the corporations tick. We evaluate candidates not just against the competency and experience grids, but also against the cultural framework of company we are engaging with, as well as the nuances of the workforce in India. Through our extensive networks, we are able to obtain formal and informal references on candidates. Similarly, we are able to walk both candidates and hiring managers through the decision making process to arrive at a mutually beneficial conclusion.

The true measure of our mastery over this art and science lies in the success of the companies we partner with and the success of people that we place.